Computer and Microchip

Computer and Microchip

Processor brain and the central control computer that is supported by other componen , of the computer. Function Processor in computer components are very important, because it is the central control processor and process work a computer. Processor itself on usually and only serves to process data received from the input or input, will then generate output or output.

The chipset is a collection microchip contained on the motherboard that are designed to work together to perform specific functions. Chipset common function is to regulate the flow of data between the components installed on the motherboard.

Basically microchip itself is a result of the development of an electronic chain and formerly of the car even for truck paper then convert all that small sample currently developed NANO technology will, these objects smaller than the size of your hair.

If that is commonly known is the IC (Integrated Circuit) before being discovered IC, the former consists of many components “electronics are designed in such a way.

Everything that there is good and bad sides …
One of the advantages of the most striking is in terms of effectiveness and efficiency, due to the very small size automatic does not require a lot of space in the installation. For example mobile phones, components – components that exist in it is very small, just imagine if the component in HP still like component TV, Radio Tuning, or amps Fier …

The deficiency  because the size is very small, so we are very difficult to read the value stated on the body, for the installation is also very difficult (if manual) point must use tools.

Definition: Random Access Memory or commonly referred to as ram, or also called memory, is a computer equipment (hardware / hardware). Ram constitute one type of data storage device on a computer or other electronic media (PDA, HP, Notebook, Netbook, etc.) are temporary. That is when the computer is turned off, then all instructions or data that has been saved in this ram will be lost.
Function: As a RAM storage media is very important in a computer especially technology, function Ram On Computer serves as a temporary storage medium at the time of the computer or technology alive, but when the computer restarts feeding data stored in RAM is lost.

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