Latest Technological Breakthrough Computer World

Latest Technological Breakthrough Computer World

In an era of increasingly advanced technology now makes developing so rapidly. This makes the gadget company ceaselessly bring innovation, whether it came from a new innovation or modification of existing technologies.

One technology that is evolving over time is Computer Technology. Computer technology is one that constantly updates all the time and always have the latest technology. With the development of the technology is expected to enable people to carry out their activities so more efficiently than ever before.

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Here are some of the latest breakthroughs this year in computer technology

– Wireless Display

This advanced technology is a technology that can connect a laptop wirelessly to several other monitor. Wireless Display is expected to be applied when a meeting or learning in the classroom, where a laptop can be streamed directly to other laptops. WiGig Wireless Display is supported with speeds greater than wifi. In addition to computer technology has also been used WiGig intel on smartphones and tablets.

– Wireless Charging

Intel company issued its latest breakthrough wireless charging where we can perform battery charging without having to connect the device to an electric current. Similarly, we can charge the laptop without using an adapter. Intel has equipped several types of laptops with the features of recharging without using wires. Wireless charger technology developed by the company this intel dressing with magnetic resonance.

– Interactive Computer

The latest breakthrough in computer technology installed in this PC can make the computer more responsive to the combination of movement, sound and visual identification. In this year the use of the camera will be replaced with a 3D camera intel, in which the camera is able to recognize objects and capable of measuring objects, other than that this camera has to recognize gestures Functions often used to make a game.

– Creative Desktop

In contrast to its rivals HP company made a new breakthrough that is named Creative Desktop or be referred to the creative table. This creative tables can be connected directly to a computer that has a 3D camera. The recent breakthrough in computer technology has touch functionality which can perform scanning mat that lies on a table and then manipulate it.

For example, if you put a cup of coffee on the canvas, then the 3D camera will scan and measure the depth of the glass. Projector on a sprout can move the image from the cup into touch mat so that we can manipulate the cup simply by touching the canvas.

– Thinner, Faster, Lighter, Better

Companies intel create this breakthrough because it refers to something which is too thin, fast and light. Intel has introduced 15 mm-thin laptop with the battery life is much longer given the processor Broadwell and Skylake, DDR4 Ram as well as using the Windows 10 operating sisters.

– Biometric Sensor

Intel’s latest breakthrough allows the user to log in to a specific site via biometric authentication. This biometric authentication purpose is user no longer need to remember a password to log in to several different sites. This technology has been used by the company Apple to make a payment credit card through Pay Apple. It seems that intel company wants to create a similar concept to Apple’s company.

That few Latest Technological Breakthrough Computer World, which will enable people in the future.

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