The Basics of Business Case Writing

The Basics of Business Case Writing

A business case is a document that reflects the reasons for initiating a project or business. It is the logical explanation for initiating a project from the point of view of the company – the owners, stakeholders and workers. For example – a hospital may need a new equipment for advanced procedures but the business case has to include points like increased efficiency by reducing operating costs, reduced processing times, greater accuracy which will lead to increased patient satisfaction. A business case has to include the quantifiable and non-quantifiable aspects of the project under consideration. This is being taught in the Business Case Writing Course.

Format of the Case Study

A case study helps in organizing the thoughts and ideas in to a structured format. The initial ideas may be very exciting and rosy, but after putting structure to those thoughts, there may be the possibilities of questions. A case study helps in identifying and solving all those questions. It also helps in focusing the ideas and provides the track on which the project should proceed. Additionally, it provides the basis for a more detailed planning upon approval.

Right Implementation of the Case Study 

There are clearly defined parts of a case study that describe the various stages of implementation of the project, from its inception to subsequent improvement. The first part is the background statement that describes the conditions that give rise to the need for the particular project. The second part is the expected result which describes conditions that one is trying to achieve. The third part is the description of the current situation – the place where the project is at the present moment and where it should be after the implementation of the project. The fourth part is the recommendation which highlights the means and measures which can be used to achieved the desired state.

Aspects of the Case Study

It may contain many different points and aspects but the focus should be only a single measure that is the basis of the project. The fifth part is the measurement of success. The fifth part has to include the system of measuring the changes that will happen as a result of implementing the project and should also mention the returns on investment. The sixth part is the requisition of resources. This part highlights the resources required and where does one plan to acquire them from. These have to clearly mention as there are no allowances for ambiguity later. The last part is the future steps which describe the expected milestones and delivery schedules.

Apt Designing of the Concept

All these above steps combine to make a case study. And one needs exceptional articulation skills and business know-how to make it work. This contributes to the concept of Business Case Writing Course Prague. A purposefully designed case study is sure to make a lasting impression on the targeted authorities whereas a hastily designed and poorly executed plan is doomed to fail. The skills needed to write a compelling case study are a great asset and are sure to make one get a job in any organization that thrives on new projects and services. It is also a great addition to one’s portfolio, wherever they work. Sooner or later new advancements are bound to change the way their particular industry works and one should be ready to get investors to help make the necessary changes.

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