When Panning for Gold is too much to Bear

When Panning for Gold is too much to Bear

I decided to take the wife on a real adventure for Valentine’s Day last year.  Instead of the usual flowers and candy, which she loves, I decided it would be a great idea to get outdoors, do some hiking, ride some ATV’s and pan for gold.  Yes, pan for gold.  I have a buddy who loves to show off the gorgeous nugget he had mounted into a ring after he found it in the Yukon.

Gold Panning

Gold panning is a great outdoor activity for the whole family.  It brings you all together to enjoy the fresh air, sunny weather and beautiful scenery.   Along with that, you get lots of exercise.  So the first thing I did was select a location, then I turned to Groupon to secure a deal on Orbitz.com.  We are dedicated Groupon shoppers.  We’ve saved, hundreds of dollars over the years and love the new Groupon coupon deals we can take advantage of.  After booking our trip, we geared up and set off.

The problems started right away.  First, we didn’t bring the proper gear.  Setting up for a camping trip is not the same as going panning for gold.  We had visions of gold nuggets and fat flakes dancing in our heads.  Didn’t give much thought to the rigors of the terrain we’d have to traverse.  Or that the stream would be so far from the cabin we booked.   My wife forgot to pack the insect repellent and our first efforts at gold panning yielded more rocks than gold dust.

But the biggest surprise came just after sunrise the next day.  As we headed out for the stream, we went to the dumpster to dispose of our trash bag.   I jokingly threw it like I was going for a basket inside the paint.  And a bear reared up from the dumpster and threw it back at me!

We hauled ass so fast we were tripping over each other like the three Stooges!  We packed our stuff and got out of there, and laughed all the way back home.  I’m glad I’d ordered roses through Groupon so they’d be waiting for my wife when we got home.  I saved a lot of money using Groupon for the flowers and candy.  But that bear experience was priceless!

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