WHY it is so important to use HASHTAGS?

WHY it is so important to use HASHTAGS?

Hashtags are extensively used in social media, while heavy publishers use them all the time, some people use them occasionally and the majority of people are not using them.  We can estimate that 1:100 people are using it, 99:100 are just “reading it”. It is almost like a tool for publishers: so why do the heavy users use hashtags, and why hashtags are so important?

In the old times, domain names were a very important publishing tool – companies and organizations used them to advertise their brand. Over the years, the internet got flooded with information, so people looked for ways how to simplify things. For example – one company may have 20 websites, and thousands of Facebook posts that linking to them. Now… how do you group an IDEA, or a CONCEPT, when you have so much information about yourself?

In the last 10 years, the information flood became even worst, when social media started to be so popular, because since then, each one of us is a publisher! Each one of us “owns” a website (our Facebook feed) and each one of us is posting things: we are not passice readers like in the times that only the big companies had websites – EACH ONE OF US is now a publisher… each one of us can post of link to a company’s brand.  So companies started to use #HASHTAGS.

When you create a #HASHTAG, you basically create a link to a page that groups all the other posts which used the same #HASHTAG on that same website. Thus in one word, you can give an option for your idea to gather posts, comments, posts… in one place. For example, lets say that you want to promote #VeganFood on Facebook – you would add that hashtags to all your vegan food posts, photos, videos… now – when Facebook users would click the #VeganFood hashtag, they will see all those posts / photos / videos, including all other posts by other users, which posted that hashtag.

OK so now the question is, if I want to use hashtags, how can I know WHICH hashtags to use?? Should I use “#VeganFood” or should I use “#EatVegan” or any other option of the millions of possible options?

You obviously want to use the most popular hashtags, otherwise you will link to yourself. Free and simple tools like TagPredict are telling you which hashtags are most popular in the world, and also just on the website that you are reading now:

To install it, enter the Google Webstore and search for “TagPredict”. Alternatively you can just follow the direct link here.

Choose the first option (Hashlighter is just highlighting hashtags, not giving any stats) and install it. Now follow the instructions on their blog: http://Blog.TagPredict.com how to get the most popular hashtags, and start using them when you post on any social media website!

This blog post can be useful too:


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