Work at Home as a Technical Writer

Work at Home as a Technical Writer

Work at Home as a Technical Writer

Let not your technical degree go in vain. Show this degree in your portfolio and build trusts with those who are seeking for technical content writers to write regularly for their blogs, websites and what not. Most of the people have the technical knowledge but they are not marvelous at writing and penning down their knowledge. It is where technical content writing jobs come. Technical content writers fill these vacancies to provide articles to the bloggers and website developers. This is the reason the tech writer jobs are a hit nowadays.


  1. You will get extra cash. Now, who doesn’t like some extra cash in their pockets! If you are working as a freelancer writer, or to be specific, as a technical writer at content writing sites such as, then you could have another source of income by just working at home as a technical writer.
  2. There is no such job as freelance writing that would give you as flexibility as it provides. You can decide your own terms and conditions by discussing it with your different clients approaching you at content writing sites. If you do not work on Diwali, then do not take projects. It is as simple as that. Be it Diwali, Christmas or a normal day, if you don’t like working on that day, don’t take any project. If you want to extend deadlines, you can discuss it with your clients. Most of the time, clients agree on giving a slack on deadlines.
  3. Recognition is something you will get by taking one of the engaging technical writing jobs. You will be respected by your clients and this could increase your pay exponentially.


It is very simple to initiate technology writing jobs. Just follow the few steps given below:

  1. Register as a writer at a content writing website: Search the internet to find the content writing sites that would be suitable for you. One such recommended site for tech writer jobs is If you are an Indian citizen, you can register as a writer at
  2. Fill details and make your portfolio: By completing these procedures, you would be able to attract your potential clients. If you have a technical degree and experience in technical field, do not forget to mention this in “About Me”.
  3. Start bidding: You can bid on the projects that would be available at the content writing sites such as After your bid is accepted, start your work and dispatch your order before the deadline.

With the evolution of technology, it has enabled us to work right from your home. So, when can we expect you there?

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